How to Decide When to Use SharePoint and Yammer and Office 365 Groups and Outlook and Skype

Play How to Decide When to Use SharePoint and Yammer and Office 365 Groups and Outlook and Skype

The Discussion

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    I wanted to just thank everyone for the interest and great feedback we've received.  Richard and I had enjoyed presenting this complex topic and hope you all watching on Channel9 get value out of it.   

    In this session, Richard and I reference a FREE whitepaper we released as a complimentary resource for this session.  You can also download it via

    We'd like to thank many of the organizations, their employees and conference members that participated in our research for this presentation / whitepaper.  Last but not least, huge thank you to Microsoft for their support! #whentousewhat

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    Fantastic session, and worth watching all the way through.  The speakers delivery is excellent as this topic is a real mix of how people need to work out to move from old ways of working when people just had email and shared drives, to using the intranet and then onto the multi.tude of tools that we have today.

    Some absolute gold nuggets in this that anyone introducing new tools from the o365 stack should watch and learn.

    Scott Jackson
    London UK


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    Very timely and informative session. I would expect nothing less from the 2toLead team. We have partnered with them on numerous initiatives and we have always been very pleased with the results.

    Chris O'Brien
    SharePoint Program Manager
    Accessible Media Inc (AMI)


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    so the slides can't be downloaded - too large.

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