Keeping Your Data in Place with Office 365 Archiving and Retention

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    Matt Moalem

    One of things that wasn't mentioned is my client QUADROtech. I'm former Yammer having taken Yammer from a no-named Microsoft partner all the way through acquisition (my 3rd with Microsoft). I've been working closely with QUADROtech for 12 mons now. We've consistently replaced both TransVault & Nuix in several Microsoft led projects (all field level opportunities led by CAM/CTM & EPG)... a formal win wire is going to be sent to the Office 365 team by mid next week.

    Our focus has always been on fulfilling the O365 Consumption challenge that Microsoft faces. Our AIP (Advanced Ingestion Protocol) is a game changer, and represents not only speed of migration, but also reduces the TCO challenge by the end user client.

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