Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center

Play Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center

The Discussion

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    Knowing adaptive tiles are coming makes me very happy.

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    Nice talk, but the lady co-presenter should learn how to talk to a worldwide audience. I couldn't understand most of what she was saying, but her co-presenter was 100% clear vocally. Just saying...!!!

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    Any chance of those tools being released soon? For testing look and feel etc that you were using.

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    Unnikrishnan Nair Thuvana

    Hello Vineet,

    ITS A GREAT NEWS FOR US......!!!!
    To Become a part of The Surface Innovation history...
    We heard Your speech on the channel and also viewed the overwhelming feedback worth mentioning.
    A great news specially to your parents besides the public loving Surface technology.

    Our best wishes to have many more in future such involvements....

    With Love,
    Achan & Amma

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    Where I find to download the Tile Template Visualizer?

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