Building Microsoft Surface Pro 3

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    amazing in depth story, want to see more of these.  Really shows the level of quality and passion that the team put into its products.  love my sp3.  thank you!

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    Lorane Leavy

    The sessions are SO worth the listening time and I am truly grateful for Microsoft's efforts.
    At this time, I have what was probably one of the first Surface RT's to be sold. Technical support and availability have always been a very long suit and I will soon be making my second Surface purchase - the youngest baby!
    I am not able to be working from home at this time and have none of my support phone numbers so I wish to pose a question.
    I am not able to write my blog on Blogger because, I think, as a program it is not compatible with my Surface 8.1. Does anyone in the Surface Family know an adjustment I can make that would preclude this discrepancy? I can be contacted via my email. Thank you.
    Lorane Leavy of "Last Seen Wearing Thin".

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    I went to the Microsoft store to check out the Surface 3. I found out that the Microsoft store was a discotec, blaring out bad music so that I could not keep a conversation with the sales rep.
    Next I went across the hall to the Apple store. The Apple store was just as bad, pumping out bad music harassing the customers.

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