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    Please add support for hosting DirectAccess servers in Azure VM's. 



    I hope that you guys actually read this. Administrators like DirectAccess because they want the machine to authenticate back to the corporate environment. Having that work over multiple protocols and being able to manage out to the clients is awesome. It's REALLY disturbing to hear that you guys aren't investing development in this feature anymore. If you are planning to move features to the VPN subsystem it needs to do EVERYTHING that DirectAccess currently does.

    The guy that asked a question about DirectAccess in Azure...this would be such a great feature for companies that are connected to Azure via S2S VPN tunnels or ExpressRoute. Being able to stand-up those DirectAccess servers in Azure VM's is a great idea for all the same reasons that standing any internet facing app in Azure VM's is...

    You're not listening...did you notice all the questions about DA from the audience? 

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    Hi B3NT

    Thanx for your comment and passion. Firstly, be assured that we are listening and reading. This post is about scenarios that we are enabling with Windows 10 for VPN Client but we are working on continually adding additional features to our offering and will share more details in the future. We completely understand your scenario and why DA is the perfect fit for that, we would like to add these features to the VPN Client as well but in the meantime you can continue to use DA. I would be happy to reach out to you and discuss in detail any other concerns you may have and how we can work towards resolving them.



    Aman Arneja

    Program Manager

    Windows Networking

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    Thanks for the response. I know you guys are busy, and I really appreciate you taking time to reach out.

    Is there any discussion about supporting DA in Azure IaaS going on internally?

    What is being discussed around adding DA features to VPN? Will the machine still be able to authenticate "transparently"...that is, without user intervention?

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    @B3NT:Thanx, never too busy for feedback ! . 

    I don't have mush to share on Remote Access in Azure IaaS at this point, but yes the conversation is definitely on Internally. 

    For DA features on VPN the following are what we have and what is missing 

    1.) Always on Connectivity

    2.) Seamless 2 factor authentication without User intervention (Using Passport for Work)

    3.) Easy deployment

    Missing Features

    1.) Pre Logon tunnel for GP updates

    2.) Automatic Server Selection in a multi Site Deploymenr

    We are working on these missing features. 

    In addition some industry leading featues which are the additional selling points for VPN in Windows 10

    1.) Converged across Phone and PC - One policy , One Behavior! 

    2.) Platform open to any ISV to write their VPN solution

    3.) App Triggered VPN 

    4.) Traffic Filtering and Per App VPN

    5.) Lock Down VPN 

    If there are any additional you are looking for I am happy to discuss. Also happy to engage offline over a meeting or other mediums. 

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