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In Edge Show 145 on Ch9 Live at Ignite 2015 we get a practical view of DevOps people, process, and products from real world experiences inside of Microsoft with Brian Harry, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Developer Division and Donovan Brown, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.  More specifically we cover:

  • [01:25] Tell me some success stories of how Dev and Ops working together has produced great business results?
  • [04:30] Is it really possible to have more change and more stability?
  • [07:47] How have you seen the TFS / VSO product team culture change when going through a DevOps transformation?
  • [13:25] How does technical debt impact teams?
  • [16:33] What are some of the higher value add things the Ops team did in the DevOps world?
  • [17:55] What are some practical tips you can do to reduce your technical debt?
  • [20:54] What are some ways to measure DevOps?
  • [23:17] What are some Microsoft tools and products you can use to track these metrics?
  • [25:35] How has shared metrics changed the way in which teams function?
  • [27:34] The 5 Whys
  • [28:36] What is coming from Microsoft in the future related to DevOps products and tools?





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