kCura: DevOps customer story with Chef and Azure

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Sameer Doshi from kCura tells us how their company has achieved some business great results across development and operations while utilizing Microsoft Azure and Chef to implement the DevOps practice of Infrastructure as code amongst other things.  Sameer is interviewed by David Tesar, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and Steve Murawski, Software Development Engineer at Chef Software.  In this interview more specifically we cover the following:

  • [00:28] - What does kCura do and is his role there?
  • [00:47] - What are some of the challenges they have had to overcome at kCura?
  • [01:30] - What are some of the problems they have had with the server environments?
  • [02:29] - An example story of a pain point specifically related to this as well as "it works on my environment"
  • [03:49] - What solutions did they try to resolve this problem?
  • [05:12] - Why did they decide to utilize Chef for that framework?
  • [06:26] - Is there anything in the Chef ecosystem which helped kCura move from on-premises infrastructure to Azure?
  • [07:49] - What are the business impact kCura has seen from implementing these changes?
  • [09:22] - What are some of the specific higher value activities the Ops staff can spend time on now?
  • [10:54] - How did the Ops people respond to having to now write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (IaC is Chef Recipes in this case)?
  • [12:53] - How has IaC has transformed the culture?
  • [13:50] - Did it take awhile to see the business value while everyone was learning how to write Chef Recipes?
  • [15:08] - How do you see where you've started with this solution playing out practically in the future?
  • [17:22] - How has having IaC and Azure helped out with other scenarios? --> Self Service environments and conference.
  • [19:06] - Why did they choose Azure as their cloud provider and why do they continue to choose Azure?

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