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Join us to kick off Microsoft Ignite at the Keynote, where Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella takes the stage to outline Microsoft’s company strategy and how we are working hard to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Following on from Satya, engineering leaders from across Microsoft dive into our solutions and vision for enterprise technology. The Keynote not only outlines our strategy but helps make it real with demonstrations and actionable next steps for enterprise technologists to gain value from technology investments.



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The Discussion

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    So, most of the people wanting to watch this recording are overseas. WTF would you only have a high res 6+GB video for them to watch? Do you think 3 seconds of video for 15 seconds of buffering is a good experience?
    Not inspiring faith in your technologies.

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    The same question! 6GB - download time 24h+! Another question where are other files from Ignite? EG. I see "Session recordings are being processed and will be available at some point after the session has completed" but session was finished.

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    Nice Keynote !

  • User profile image
    Lisa D

    I can hear the live session going on, but not the recordings. I'm using IE10.

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    Interesting keynote cortana amazing helpful program

  • User profile image

    I don't know why people are complaining about the size. If you don't have the bandwidth, download the 'Low Quality MP4' at 500MB. Simple.

  • User profile image

    This website really sucks. Waiting for 5 mins after clicking the Low Quality MP4 download link. No response from the website.

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    Windows 10 is Awesome! Can't wait to get Windows 10. All that I need is a windows 10 cellphone + a monitor keyboard and a mouse to be productive. Of course, the battery should last long enough to complete my work. 

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    Marilyn White

    Wonderful keynote speaker, I am not sure this is geared towards everyday people like me.

  • User profile image

    Terrible strategy to launch new product

  • User profile image

    I can't open I. Low band width either. Like windows. Poor strategy

  • User profile image

     I can't download the video, it doesn't give me the option of "save as". The only options given to me are: Open in New Tab, open in ne window, copy link, select all, paste, and inspect element. I believe it may be because I am on Spartan and it is only IE friendly? If you are having issues downloading High quality video, have you considered the Internet package you have from your ISP? That makes a big difference as well as the technology the ISP uses to deliver the internet to their customers and also what type of cabling and age of cable you are using to receive the internet. Plus, a variety of other factors involved, which include the computer itself (hardware, software, operating system, etc...). Why  point fingers at Microsoft?

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    Ted Hutchison

    Anyone who see's this will know that the change is sure to come. It's been a long time happening. This will mean a more secure experience for everyone using the internet.

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    @WesleyChaplin: If you see save target as... , use that

  • User profile image

    I'm going back to MAC

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