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Play Build Angular 2 apps with TypeScript and Visual Studio Code
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Angular 2 with TypeScript has arrived and it's time to learn the key features that help you successfully build Angular 2 apps. We explore how TypeScript and Microsoft Visual Studio Code help us write code more efficiently through refactoring hints and snippets, and how they allow us to have confidence in our final product. The data may be needed throughout the app, so we'll create a shared service and use dependency injection to access it from the components. We also cover accessing data via HTTP, using metadata to describe components, and the new templating and data binding concepts in Angular 2.



The Discussion

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    16:50 - error in the templateUrl, should be story.component.html
    Great presentation btw!

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    Are there any Visual Studio (2015 / 2017) project templates for Angular 2 + Web API?

    Right now, to learn this technology, I'm using starting with an ASP.NET Core Web Application template and then adding things with nmp and dnx but this is a throwback from the IDE experience I got addicted.

    What is the best strategy to debug this king of project? Big projects I mean.

    Best regards,

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    @mjda, keep the applications separate. Deploy the API as an API, not as an API + frontend application. Solves a lot of your headache.

    You can deploy the API on azure for free.

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    Very nice presentation, thanks!

    I'm WPF (using Prism) developer trying to get to grips with the web and it seems like a lot of concepts will translate well.

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