Build Angular 2 apps with TypeScript and Visual Studio Code

Play Build Angular 2 apps with TypeScript and Visual Studio Code
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    16:50 - error in the templateUrl, should be story.component.html
    Great presentation btw!

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    Are there any Visual Studio (2015 / 2017) project templates for Angular 2 + Web API?

    Right now, to learn this technology, I'm using starting with an ASP.NET Core Web Application template and then adding things with nmp and dnx but this is a throwback from the IDE experience I got addicted.

    What is the best strategy to debug this king of project? Big projects I mean.

    Best regards,

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    @mjda, keep the applications separate. Deploy the API as an API, not as an API + frontend application. Solves a lot of your headache.

    You can deploy the API on azure for free.

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    Very nice presentation, thanks!

    I'm WPF (using Prism) developer trying to get to grips with the web and it seems like a lot of concepts will translate well.

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