Accelerate your transition from traditional IT to the Cloud

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Stuck with one foot in old IT and one in the new cloud world? This session offers lessons learned during Accenture's 20,000-plus cloud projects in 67 countries. It includes:_x005F_x000D__x000D_ - Strategies for overcoming typical challenges such as legacy app inventories; "hidden" cloud accounts; lack of visibility into spend; and handling issues around security, consumption and operational control _x005F_x000D__x000D_ - Recommendations for achieving faster transitions to Azure and "as a service" models _x005F_x000D__x000D_ - Real-world examples based on the experience of 21,000 cloud professionals: IP processes that accelerate migration to Azure, assessing Azure IaaS and/or PaaS for applications vs. "lift and shift," and enabling new line of business applications to run on WAP



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