Throw away your DMZ – Azure Active Directory Application Proxy deep-dive

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    i have a client who has basic auth on their owa, and would like to use app proxy to enact mfa on it.
    your video was mostly helpful, but our project ultimately failed.
    ive watched it several times, and i cant seem to figure out how to get kerberos to work.
    i think your video might assume that the audience knows kerberos already, but i do not.
    how do i know i got my spn working properly for an app behind a load balancer?
    why does skype break? (ews access fails after we enable the spn for the owa app.)
    does the identity for the owa app pool need to have service account permissions?
    is there a way to test kerberos onprem for owa before getting into the app proxy?
    is there a way to keep basic auth working while we implement kerberos and test it?
    thanks in advance

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