Find out everything you wanted to know about SHA-1 to SHA-2 migrations

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You're already seeing SHA-1 hash warnings. You've basically got 2-14 months to get migrated, depending on your applications. Attend this session and learn everything about SHA-1 to SHA-2 migrations, including the following:_x005F_x000D__x000D_ Why do we have to migrate, what really is the threat?_x005F_x000D__x000D_ When do we have to migrate? What applications don't like SHA-1? What applications don't like SHA-2?_x005F_x000D__x000D_ How to migrate Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) to SHA-2_x005F_x000D__x000D_ A SHA-1 to SHA-2 migration plan_x005F_x000D__x000D_ _x005F_x000D__x000D_ Frequent presenter and Microsoft Principal Security Architect, Roger A. Grimes, will teach you how to talk to your customers about SHA-2 and how to get them there.



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