Review Windows Server 2016 - the Cloud OS optimized for DevOps

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 was designed to support cloud applications and devops workflows. The NanoServer configuration reduces the size of the OS deployment by 26x and dramatically reduces start times, patches and reboots. Windows Server 2016 defines architectures for packaging, repositories, configuration, operational testing, and secure operations to minimize the friction between devs and ops and maximize the velocity of code deployment. This session reviews these new architectures as well as NanoServer, Containers and enhancements to management and PowerShell.



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The Discussion

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    How do HA can be achieved from Hyper-V Containers. If the host goes down all workloads gets down what I understood as of now.
    Again curious how Google and other giant using containers, must be a way.
    Appropriate if someone can guide me if I am wrong.


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