Access intelligence in the Microsoft Graph and API

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The Microsoft Graph is the consistent endpoint for developers to access intelligent insights that Microsoft builds in the cloud. Learn how to use the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph to add value to your apps and users. The graph has access to your activities (e.g. documents, calendars, meetings), and can be used to address critical work and productivity questions, such as:_x005F_x000D__x000D_ Who does the user work closely with?_x005F_x000D__x000D_ What documents and topics are important to my colleagues right now?_x005F_x000D__x000D_ What matters the most to my boss?_x005F_x000D__x000D_ _x005F_x000D__x000D_ With the Microsoft Graph, developers are empowered to build smart, people-centric applications that can easily interact with the data that drives modern work.



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