Cert Exam Prep: Exam 70-532: Developing Azure Solutions

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The Discussion

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    Hi, does this cover the newly updated content for the exam?

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    Sorry, This guys cant speak..half of the things are not in clear English .

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    It is difficult to follow as the language pronunciation and accent are not clear.

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    I have to disagree with other comments above: I haven't had any particular issue in following the presenter and his pronunciation. I could even play it at 1.25 speed and be able to understand. English is not my native language.

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    I can understand him just fine... I also used 1.25 speed and had no issue... besides for how he said his name... but oh well

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    I can understand his English , good content ,Note down points to study

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    It would be great to have the download link for the slides too.

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    The last question is wrong. CORS for table storage would be required IF the application was a client based application (which was not hinted at all). As long as nothing about application is mentioned, it should be expected that it is standart .net server application in which case enabeling CORS is not needed at all. Local hosting doesn't change anything about that.

    I didn't have problem with the pronouciation (was wathing 1.75x speed & I'm a true slav). Only word that was really badly pronounced was resiliency, but its possible to understand that from the context.

    Thanks for the vid!

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