Examine Azure SQL Data Warehouse: scaling configuration and guidance

Play Examine Azure SQL Data Warehouse: scaling configuration and guidance
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Learn all about SQL Data Warehouses signature scaling capabilities directly from the Program Management team. SQL Data Warehouse is a new elastic, petabyte scale, data warehouse service in Microsoft Azure. By separating compute from storage SQL Data Warehouse independently scales the amount of compute used irrespective of the data held in the warehouse. More impressively, this scaling can be performed on demand, empowering you to optimize your data warehouse experience. This session provides you with the insights you need to scale your data warehouse to suit your warehouse workload. We examine all the scaling factors incorporated in the service and demonstrate the benefits of leveraging compute elasticity within your architecture.



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The Discussion

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    Mike LaRue

    I watched the BRK3291 session episode and found the section on memory quite interesting. Are any of the views that JRJ used during the session available for download somewhere?

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