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    I'd like to know if CRM online (as Echange online for example) is leveraging front-ended servers that may redirect your CRM flow to an alternative region (i.e. the one you are located in) than the one where your data is actuakky hosted.
    In other words, is Geo-DNS used by this service and how it interacts with Expressroute?

    Basic example: EU user and CRM data hosted in the US. Let us assume the (premium) Expressroute is setup in the US.

    If the DNS request for the EU user (that follows a "local" internet route) replies with a CRM front-end server in Europe, the traffic path will be sub-optimal even though it uses the Expressroute (EU user => internal company WAN to US => Expressroute in the US => Microsoft WAN to EU => EU CRM front server => Microsoft WAN to the US => CRM server). Not god at all...

    If Microsoft is actually using GeoDNS, is Microsoft recommendation to use specific proxies to redirect the queries to the same region than the ExpressRoute/tenant country/region? Is there actually other alternatives? thanks for the clarification

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