Explore Sysinternals primer – Ignite 2016 edition

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The Discussion

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    steve holton

    Now that the 64-bit utils have been "separated out" for use by Nano, is there any possibility that a future version of the tools might invoke these 64-bit pieces instead of extracting to temp and then running from there? Asking b/c we use local security policy to preclude execution from temp (as well as several other directories) to avoid "droppers" from being able to load code to our system and then later run it. This policy precludes running the tools from temp...so 64-bit stuff doesn't work....

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    Denis Elferink

    Includes information about the history of Sysinternals, the new Sysinternals tools for Nano server and a good demo of the features of procmon. Thanks!

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    I'm glad Aaron ran into the slow filter at 32:34. I get that quite frequently and can't work out if it's Process Monitor that's the issue or the under powered laptop I'm forced to use at work.

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