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    When a Windows user invites a Mac user to a shared calendar, it appears that the Mac user MUST accept the invite from the Web/OWA version of Outlook (not from Outlook 2016 app). Is this expected behavior? If so, will ‘native’ invitations be supported in Outlook 2016 (Mac)?

    I never realized how broken O365 shared calendars are on Mac Outlook 2016. It’s as if Microsoft wants Mac users to trash the Outlook app altogether and just live in a browser. The behavior on Mac is 180 degrees opposite of Windows when it comes to sharing calendars. Am I missing something or is it really THAT bad?

    If a Windows Outlook user invites a Mac Outlook user, the result invite email is worthless (why send it at all?). No “Accept” button is rendered in Outlook (the Mac user MUST go to OWA in a browser). Then the new shared calendar never shows up on the Mac’s Outlook calendar unless the host Windows user opens-up his/her default parent calendar to 'Reviewer'.
    Likewise - If a Mac Outlook user invites a Windows Outlook user, the Windows user NEVER gets an invite at all. If the Windows user searches for the Mac user’s shared calendar in the GAL/Exchange server, they only thing the Windows user sees it the Mac user’s personal calendar - not the shared calendar (even though the Windows user has ‘Reviewer’ permissions to the Mac user’s shared calendar).
    So Mac users are basically neutered when it comes to meeting collaboration with Windows users, unless they become ‘second-class citizens’ and use the Web OWA/O365 client.

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    Its 2018 - why havent any of these fixes/features made their way to production yet? Its been almost 2 years!

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