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    Raju Golla

    Where is the video please?

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    I'm worried about MCT program and the in-person trainings future. I'm sure the Micro Learning as you called it is the future, but i'm almost sure the people will need to clarify some key concepts, or need to watch how to do some of the task.-

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    I can understand how some people might consider some MS training resources a bit... 'dry'...
    I am super psyched that this might be a more user friendly channel of growth.
    'Microsoft Learning' will of course reduce demand for certified professionals. part of the draw to hiring a consultant is because they have an ability to dig through the info and come out with a working solution.

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    @Jim I imagine it will remove some use cases for hiring a consultant. But, the value in a consultant is the breadth of knowledge that the onsite staff may just not have the experience or time for.

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    Love it. Have already started using the platform to learn Azure. Thanks!


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