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    good stream

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    VScode rulezz

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    All this "my favorite app" and "I love it," and on and on and on, really palls.

    Could we maybe all get together and pretend to be grown ups for one or two videos one of these days?

    I think somebody at Microsoft must have once read the old joke "Sincerity is the thing.  Once you can fake that, you've got it made" -- and not realised it was a joke.

    In your documentation the thing that engenders this thought is the very high percentage of your text -- in help responses, in manuals, in how-tos -- that is given over to telling us how wonderful you are, how blessed we are by the latest feature you have deigned to bestow upon us.

    All of your external relations people seem unaware of the fact that you only make computer software, and we expect the software to run our machines and our apps.  That's all you are.  You're less important than food, housing, income, family, politics, or the weather.

    If you took that attitude that you intend to make the best software you can, and here's how it works, you would gain our respect.  As it is, you just make a lot of self-serving, egotistical noise, and waste a lot of our time.

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    ¡Very nice! VStudio the best.

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