From Spaghetti to Microservices Architecture

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The Discussion

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    I hoped this would be a "Refactoring to Microservices Patterns" presentation -- it's not. Instead, this presentation is mainly on using Azure Service Bus for Pub/Sub operations.

    I haven't seen recommendations on using a service bus in microservices, as most communicate directly. I'm not sure that introducing a service bus improves anything.

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    Hi Tim, you are correct, the ESB is an anti-pattern in micro-service oriented architectures. This session described a path of going from convoluted and monolith applications towards micro-services, passing by the ESB experience. Not all organisations need micro-services, not all organisation can afford a migration to micro-services. The Publish-Subscribe pattern offers a scalable solution for simplifying the integration challenge, and still offer the benefit of (sort of) services, like scalability, loose coupling on endpoints, etc. In addition, an ESB provided queueing and guarantee of message delivery, monitoring and security, and if necessary, state management. All things that Azure Service Fabric offers for micro-services, but can me made available to not micro-services applications too.

    Hope this clarifies the intent of this session, thanks for your feedback.

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    Hi Stefano, Very nice presentation. Where can we download the source code in your demo?

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