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    Hi Bill

    Thanks for the very interesting presentation! A couple of thoughts:

    • Please don't use averages for latencies. Please use percentiles. Search for "gil tene latency" if you don't know what I'm talking about.
    • While the Insider program works great for some things, it doesn't work for some others. I often feel that my detailed feedback is overwhelmed by 14'583 people shouting "KAITICHIZTAN NEEDS OFFLINE MAPS!!!1!!!" and things like that. Do you consider the long tail of feedback? It sometimes feels that no one pays attention to feedback with few upvotes.
    • Recent builds have very few BSODs and crashes. On the other hand, "brownouts" ("Resuming..." forever on mobile builds, broken rendering on desktop, broken scaling on desktop, lack of UI polish, ...) appear to happen more often. There are soo many issues that I wouldn't know where to start reporting. Do you have ideas on how to address this problem?
    • I hope that you don't treat the feedback from all users the same. Some users put much more effort into good bug reports than others.


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