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    Denis Zornada

    Way too low audio levels, at full volume I can barely hear.

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    too low audio levels, at full volume I cant hear.

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    // you broke my LOTRBFME gameplay with the: "OS build 14393.693" ! on both previous windows 10 builds games run smooth, but now 1 "one" frame per second ! same drivers all the way, what you did to the OS?

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    Thank you.

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    jeffrey OBrien  Insider

    new 1703 15063.13 creators update is awesome Bill you have your work cut out ahead of you.I believe Microsoft have excelled themselves this OS is ahead of the game now they have actually released most of features available I look forward to seeing all great apps good luck I will be there for the ride along with 400 million consumers waiting for new updates fixes bugs cleaned up from this OEM software has been a problem especially with intel Queencreek issue I found right workaround fixing this and emailed both Intel and HP to do chores to fix the issue for millions who dont have any idea whats going on

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