Engaging the naysayers - how to get standing ovations at your daily scrum!

Play Engaging the naysayers - how to get standing ovations at your daily scrum!
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Let us take you on a journey, from disengaged teams and team members who wouldn't know a quality review if it sat up and gave them five stars, to teams who gave standing ovations at daily standups; and made quality a guaranteed by-product of all project deliverables! Perhaps the turnaround wasn't that meteoric but you'll just have to come and find out exactly how we performed! We did get engagement, and from that, ownership and quality. Presented from two different perspectives, the captain of the squadron and the tech lead emerging from the trenches, this is the story of how we got sixty team members across four teams motivated and engaged to produce quality deliverables on a multi-million dollar project. We employed gamification and gaming techniques and developed a badge system on top of TFS. We then went even further and implemented a fully functional game using the TFS API. 'But, what about code quality' you ask? We surfaced all the automated build details into an audio/visual dashboard which encouraged good-natured competitiveness to see which teams could achieve clean builds (including static analysis). Our story will explain the initial problems we had with team inefficiency, the challenges we faced with the diverse personalities present in each team, and the strategies we employed to convert Team Blah into Team Awesome (through TFS integration, gamification, psychology tricks, and visualisation).



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