Server patching - How University of Otago tames 600 servers

Play Server patching - How University of Otago tames 600 servers
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The session will begin with an brief overview of the University's environment and how we came to start using SCCM. We will take attendees through a typical patch Tuesday week at Otago. The following items will then be covered in a demo: * How Task Sequence is configured to apply windows updates and 3rd party agents (e.g. backup software etc). * How AD groups are used to group servers into patching groups (and reported on to team) and how PowerShell script to deploy task sequence and windows updates works (servers are grouped into 2-hourly patch windows over 5 days). * Detail how custom built generic task sequence is used to allow system administrator to link any arbitrary scripts to enable maintenance mode for the server's applications while task sequence is run to patch server. * Demo how the above step works for 2x SQL servers in a AlwaysOn availability group can be patched with no downtime to databases. * Show how reporting is configured, utilising report subscription plus PowerShell script to generate status emails during patching week.




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