DevOps - The Future of Deployments with DSC

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Are you surprised that your code is working in UAT but not in production? Do you wonder why your deployments started failing suddenly? What has changed since the last deployment? Why are your environments different? Don't worry, you are not alone - these types of configuration discrepancies are all related to our configuration and deployment culture. If you have faced any or all of those issues, Keep Calm and use DSC! Gone are the days where you have to install each product individually and configure the server to meet your requirements. PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) allows you to define what your server should look like and magic will happen (imperative rather than declarative). It ensures consistent server configuration throughout your environments by separating configuration from environment specific details. It also detects configuration drift and either corrects it automatically or notifies your operation team. DSC turns complex enterprise deployments into boring tasks that are "low-risk, frequent, cheap, rapid, and predictable" - as they should be. This session will cover the power of DSC, its limitations, its extensibility (custom scripts), and will include building a zero to fully functional server demonstration. The session will also be packed with tips and tricks drawn from experience on how to get the most out of your DSC experience.




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