Mission Critical features in SQL Server 2016

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This session explores a number of key new features released in SQL Server 2016. The first feature explored is Temporal Data. Temporal Data allows for a number of key scenarios, such as querying data as at a certain point in time, support for compliance and auditing requirements, implementation of ‘Slowly Changing Dimensions' and logical data recovery. Query Store is a new SQL Server component that captures queries, query plans, runtime statistics, etc. in a persistent store inside the database. You can think of it as a flight recorder, or black box, for your workloads. It can also enforce policies to direct the SQL Server Query Processor to compile queries to be executed in a specific manner, such as forcing plans. It is a database-scoped persistent store of query workload history. Query Store primarily targets administrative scenarios for performance troubleshooting and identification of regressed workloads. Row Level Security allows developers and DBAs to implement fine-grained access to rows within a table. Using RLS you can store data for different customers, departments, or cloud tenants in the same table, while restricting access to the row based on a query's execution context. This presentation explores these exciting new capabilities in SQL Server 2016, providing demonstrations of each feature.




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