Deep-dive: Azure Active Directory Authentication and Single-Sign-On

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Azure AD Connect is used to synchronise on-premises users to Azure AD, but how do you give your users the best possible sign-in experience? There is a whole range of possibilities, password synchronisation, federated SSO with ADFS, pass-through authentication, and Azure AD Connect single sign-on. We can then add Windows 10 into the mix with Azure AD join and Windows Hello. _x000D_ Struggling to know what to do? Come to this session, and John Craddock will show you the advantages and benefits of each option. You will learn about each of the technologies and how to keep the systems up and running with Azure AD Connect Health. The session is full of demos and should not be missed._x000D_


The Discussion

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    Great/Awesome presentation! Kudos! Is the presentation deck available for download?

    Thanks, MM

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    This was a great session!  How will PTA & sSSO work with mobile devices that aren't considered part of the network?  A big issue with us is that our users keep having to enter their credentials on their mobile devices when they need to use a Saas app or custom app.

    We currently use ADFS 3.0 but would like to switch to PTA for O365.

    Thanks, MO

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