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Conversational digital affordances are fast becoming a norm for users everywhere – from the office, to the kitchen; the car to the living room – we can type, tap or talk to all manner of devices, apps, bots and agents to do all manner of things. When designed well, conversational experiences are natural, intuitive and efficient. In this session, we’ll provide practical guidance for designing for conversation. We’ll cover best practices for creating a great conversationalist and we’ll put the guidance to work using the Bot Framework SDK, Cognitive Services such as LUIS.ai and QnAMaker.ai, and show you a preview of Bot Framework’s new visual Conversation Designer.







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Breakout: 75 minute




Hyatt Plaza International G


The Discussion

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    What a great session and topic. The Chat Bot space is a very crowded one and I have seen many bad implementations of Bots. It is key to have a great dialogue design in order to have differentiated Bot solutions. In the past decade, Nuance NLP solutions in this space have achieved success mainly because of their background on NLP and grammar design which is not in the form of a decision tree. Hoping we can find these characteristics in the new Conversation Designer. Will it provide as well for Host integration to implement business logic? - Great potential 

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    Any idea when we will be getting the first hands on experience;using this conversation design feature.

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