Migrating to Windows 10, make sure you don’t end up with Windows 7 again

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While there are similarities between deploying and managing Windows 10 and Windows 7, make sure when you set out that you don’t end up with a Windows 7 version of Windows 10. In this session we discuss the capabilities that are available and why you would enable them, look at how you could tweak your Windows 7 deployment plan for Windows 10 and then look at how you are going to manage it going forward. Hear directly from a Microsoft consultant and from customers about the learnings from some successful global Windows 10 deployments.




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    // forced updates that one was a hit and I am sure everyone is jumping from joy and can't wait to launch your store apps on a 34" display. keep crippling the windows 7 by sending updates that stay stuck in a loop and never install, advertising as a poorly secure OS and eventually we all will have to move to your new OS. at least just make an option to let the user build up their own iso and put what we the user need not what you easy lazy standard OS sell. either pull the plug or stop breaking windows 7

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