30 things you should never do with System Center Configuration Manager

Play 30 things you should never do with System Center Configuration Manager
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If you can’t serve as an inspiration, at least serve as a poignant example to others of what not to do. Configuration Manager is an extraordinarily powerful product that not only gives you the chance to accomplish amazing feats of configuration and deployment, but also gives you the ability to mess up your organization’s workstations and infrastructure so thorough that it would give MC Escher a headache. Not only does Configuration Manager allow you to deploy applications, updates and provide a way to remediate configuration drift, it also gives you the ability to deploy tasks sequences to every computer that will format the hard drive or change the default operating system interface language to Portuguese. In this light hearted but deadly serious session, Andrew and Orin will take you through all the things you should think seriously about not doing with configuration manager, and how you can configure role based security for configuration manager in such a way that the Mensa candidates you work with aren’t able to do those things either.




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