A lap around Azure AD B2C for developers (Business to Consumer)

Play A lap around Azure AD B2C for developers (Business to Consumer)
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Azure AD B2C (Business to Consumer) is “Identity Management as a Service” for an organisation’s external customers. Using B2C, users can self-register themselves, update their details, use self-service password management etc. They can authenticate with the credentials they provisioned or use some social logins. This is all controlled by policies – sign-up, sign-in, update and password. B2C runs on Azure AD and is scalable to millions of users. This session will cover: • B2C overview • Integrating an application with B2C with code or “easy auth” • Adding social logins • Customising the application look and feel • Customising password flows • B2C pros and cons • How B2C fits in with the rest of the Microsoft Identity stack e.g. Azure AD, ADFS etc.



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