Integrating OpenID Connect / OAuth2 with Azure AD and ADFS

Play Integrating OpenID Connect / OAuth2 with Azure AD and ADFS

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    Bruno Zanin

    Hi Rory,

    Your name came to mind the other day and I was wondering how you are doing. I had a look at your LinkedIn profile and you have been very busy over the years. I have been retired six years now and worked for FNB for 19yrs on various Crypto systems. While I was there they had mentioned the VISA compliant mainframe channel connect Crypto module you had developed during the sanction years in SA. Do you still keep in touch with the other guys. I was trying to remember their names and Philippe Delcroix and Andrew cannot remember his surname. The guy that worked in the lab ???. I am currently living in the Netherlands as my daughter has emigrated here my son lives in London.

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