My other computer is an Azure datacentre – taking advantage of cloud scale

Play My other computer is an Azure datacentre – taking advantage of cloud scale
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What could you do with unlimited compute power? IT users have gotten used to long waits for tasks such as deep learning, engineering or other modelling, 3D rendering, or analytics, because it’s expensive to build and run the sort of compute clusters that can do those things quickly. But when you can get thousands of cores on demand, with super-fast interconnects and GPU acceleration, and pay for only the time you use, that changes the equation! New Zealand startup GreenButton, now part of Microsoft Azure, has years of experience helping companies, universities and government departments take advantage of that change. In this session we’ll see how you can scale your applications far beyond the usual bounds of Azure services, demonstrate how containers make it easy to jump from desktop/LAN scale to cloud scale, and show off some of the amazing things you can do when you’ve got an Azure datacentre at your beck and call!




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