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    The Data context is quite consumed.
    The fact to collect ad-hoc social data was not a very innovative trick, if we want to measure innovation by the newness degree, because ESRI & Weather Channel already made it..
    But, I suggest using some algorithms for processing the social data you’re collecting inside your platform and/or through your mobile app .. this will work much more professional than using a simple filter.
    Especially when it is linked to many images coming in a real-team stream, it’ll be hard to fix the stuff !!
    Try to refine the core of your app by looking for techniques of Data Discovery: some algorithms for image-matching, unstructured data mining, statistical ranking.. in order to pick the insightful patterns from all the data submitted by Citizens, and after, this will allow you to Help Government & Aid associations & Defense Department to take the more informed decision and to bring the right Help to who needs the help .. Good Luck ..

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