Imagine Cup World Finals 2013

Imagine Cup World Finals 2013
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15 Speakers:

  • Ben Riga
    Ben Riga
  • Bill Buxton
    Bill Buxton
  • Clint Rutkas
    Clint Rutkas
  • Giorgio Sardo
    Giorgio Sardo
  • Adam Sessler
    Adam Sessler
  • Andrew Parsons
    Andrew Parsons
  • Dion Hutchings
    Dion Hutchings
  • Frederic Lardinois
    Frederic Lardinois
  • Jane Meseck
    Jane Meseck
  • Jon Basset, DFJ Frontier
    Jon Basset, DFJ Frontier

No Recorded Sessions

Sorry, this event has ended and no recorded sessions have been added.