Blockchains – Current state and Roadmap | Cale Teeter - Microsoft Azure TED Team

Play Blockchains – Current state and Roadmap | Cale Teeter - Microsoft Azure TED Team
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This session will focus on providing the current state of blockchains, specifically around consortium based implementations that enterprises are looking to implement.  This will start with a few of the core principles that blockchain technology provides and why its compelling.  We will then talk about the evolution of the technology along with Microsoft's strategy and roadmap for next generation blockchain technology.  This session is targeted at those looking to get up to speed with the rapidly evolving technology and understand the key innovation areas for the future.

About the speaker:

I am a Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft working directly with partners and ISVs in blockchain technology.  I have been at Microsoft for 5 years and work closely with our engineering groups in Azure and Developer Tools to enable the solutions that the partners are creating.  Additionally, I work with our business development team and engineering on the first party offerings that Microsoft is building in the blockchain space.  Most recently, I have been working to bring the Solidity language into the Visual Studio product.  My background is 15 years as a software developer in NYC working with large enterprises, finance and insurance verticals.  I live in New York City and spend lots of time in Redmond as well.
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