Lang.NEXT 2012

Lang.NEXT 2012 is a cross-industry conference for programming language designers and implementers on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. With three days of talks, panels and discussion on leading programming language work from industry and research, Lang.NEXT is the place to learn, share ideas and engage with fellow programming language design experts and enthusiasts. Native, functional, imperative, object oriented, static, dynamic, managed, interpreted... It's a programming language geek fest.

Learn more about Lang.NEXT from the event organizers:

We had a great cast of characters speaking at this event. Experts and inconoclasts included:

Andrei Alexandrescu, Facebook
Andrew Black, Portland State University
Andy Gordon, Microsoft Research and University of Edinburgh
Andy Moran, Galois
Bruce Payette, Microsoft
Donna Malayeri, Microsoft
Dustin Campbell, Microsoft
Erik Meijer, Microsoft
Gilad Bracha, Google
Herb Sutter, Microsoft
Jeff Bezanson, MIT
Jeroen Frijters, Sumatra Software
John Cook, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
John Rose, Oracle
Kim Bruce, Pomona College
Kunle Olukotun, Stanford
Luke Hoban, Microsoft
Mads Torgersen, Microsoft
Martin Odersky, EPFL, Typesafe
Martyn Lovell, Microsoft
Peter Alvaro, University of California at Berkeley
Robert Griesemer, Google
Stefan Karpinski, MIT
Walter Bright, Digital Mars

Sessions were recorded and C9 interviews took place!


  • Keynote - Martin Odersky: Reflection and Compilers
  • A Means to Many Ends: 10+ Years of Haskell at Galois
  • IKVM.NET: Building a Java VM on the .NET Framework
  • Java 8
  • Lang.NEXT 2012 Expert Panel: Web and Cloud Programming (and more)
  • Teaching with Grace
  • Pervasive Parallelism in Scala
  • Bloom: Disorderly Programming for a Distributed World
  • Julia
  • Information Rich Programming with F# 3.0