Lang.NEXT 2014

  • 835 Market St. Suite 700 in the San Francisco Centre (Westfield Centre) San Francisco, CA, USA
  • May 29 - 30, 2014
  • Speakers at Lang.NEXT 2014

Lang.NEXT is a cross-industry,, grass roots conference focused on what's trending in programming languages. It occurs every couple of years and is primarily sponsored by Microsoft. We bring together a broad range of language experts as speakers as well as audience. The goal is to have a lively and intense exchange of ideas, straddling the usual barriers between different segments of the community and between academia and industry.


[ Note: Due to technical difficulties not all sessions are available for on demand viewing. We are trying to resolve the issue. For now, the majority of sessions are available. In one case, the speaker elected to not air his presentation, which we of course respect and have obliged. Next time, come to the event in person and be a part of it :) ]

The Cast

Bjarne Stroustrup
Creator of C++

Erik Meijer
Creator of Rx. Co-creator of LINQ. Founder of Applied Duality

Rob Pike
Co-creator of Go

Andrei Alexandrescu
Co-creator of D, Metaprogramming Jedi

Gilad Bracha
Creator of Newspeak. Co-designer of Dart.

Mads Torgersen
Program Manager for the C# Language and Roslyn.


Jan Vitek
Dynamic languages ranging in elegance and simplicity from JavaScript to R

William Cook
Modeling languages and the interface between programming languages and databases

Dustin Campbell
Program Manager for Managed Languages and Roslyn

Niko Matsakis
Researcher at Mozilla working on the Rust language

Jonathan Turner
Program Manager for TypeScript

Julien Verlaguet

Dave Wecker
Quantum computing programming language researcher

Luke Hoban
Co-designer of F#. Member of the JavaScript standards committee.

Dave Ungar
Designer of the prototype-based Self language


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