Artificial Artificial Intelligence: Using Amazon Mechanical Turk and .NET to Create a…

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Amazon Mechanical Turk is a new Web service that allows .NET software developers to incorporate the power of human decision-making into their automated software systems. Units of work (known as HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks), qualifications necessary for workers to accept the work, and payment information for completing the work are encapsulated and uploaded to where they become available to workers. After the work for a particular HIT has been completed, the requesting developer or organization approves the results, thereby releasing payment to the worker. Organizations with work to be done use a complete set of Web services (available in REST and SOAP form) to create, monitor and approve HITs, along with a Requester Tool Kit and a GUI Question Builder. Jeff from the Amazon Web Services developer relations team reviews the concepts, structure, and workflow of Amazon Mechanical Turk, presents an overview of the Requester Toolkit and works through a complete sample application to illustate how to implement each part of the Mechanical Turk workflow.







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