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    Stephanie Michaels

    I would probably have enjoyed this vid but everytime I had to pause because of an interruption, I had to go back to the beginning. Every time. I tried all kinds of ways to avoid having to cover ground already covered but no -- you have to start at the beginning. Maybe that's why the info on this page says there are only 202 views. I am sure there are more people who'd like to be edu-tained. Maybe I'm dumb but I'm a dumb person trying to understand a new product. Have a heart!

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    Jess Judge

    Stephanie: I was having the same problem. I would recommend downloading the video (links below the main viewer). Then you'll be able to start/stop as you like. That's what I'm doing right now.

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    Silverlight has a pause button but no play/continue?

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    This is not the story of the ribbon. it's the story of Microsoft itself in a nutshell. no resume button in an official slideshow by Microsoft. how ironic!

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    That's all great but what happened to my menus in Access?
    Did you forget that people have custom menus in Access?
    Why is this something I have to think about?
    It's not the first time I've seen this attitude from Microsoft.
    All the good people will leave.

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    Great talk, very interesting, but in the end Microsoft let down its long time users by removing their well known interface and forcing upon them the "New Truth of UI"...
    It would not have been that difficult to keep a compatibility option for people used to the menus... :-(
    My company is sticking for Office 2003 (or a competitor product) until we are heard...

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    Autymn D C

    1:33 stupid tree

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    Like si viniste por HCI.

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