Great User Experiences: Seamlessly Blending Technology and Design

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The best solutions make maximum use of innovative technologies to achieve beautiful and unexpected results. However, they do not do this in an obvious and arbitrary way, with a big signpost attached saying "Look At This Great Technology" but by blending the technology in seamlessly with great design to create a single beautiful experience. If your audience can 'see the edges' then the magic is lost. In this session we present not only the most innovative technical solutions from AKQA in 2009 but focus on how this technology has been seamlessly integrated into the overall design, working hand-in-hand with that design to present a truly immersive experience, rather than merely a cool piece of technology. Attendees will take away the value of thinking creatively not just about the level of technical innovation, but about how that innovation is presented as part of a seamless experience. Case studies include SL for Xbox, Sherlock Holmes 221b, Nike Five, and Eco Drive.







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