Smooth Streaming Live in HD: 2010 Olympic Winter Games

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If you’re designing a live video experience, you’re need to be concerned with the realities of scale and monetization. Big events like the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics were produced to reach a large audience, thereby maximizing their monetization potential. And to reach a large audience, a fair amount of IT sophistication is necessary to work with CDNs. The intersection of UX, IT and Business Experience of video, come together in the player experience. Come learn how to build an engaging, robust and ultimately, profitable player for your clients. We will demonstrate: pushing the “From Camera to Screen” session content to a CDN, adding instrumentation, logging and beacons for monetization and health purposes, and designing for live events while accommodating advertising business requirements. Along the way, we’ll share the tips and tricks that kept us working smoothly through the Olympics.







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