Pumping "Iron" on the Web: IronRuby and IronPython

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Come learn how to use IronRuby and IronPython on the web, be it on the server with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC to simply the writing of your controllers and views, or on the client with Microsoft Silverlight - letting you write Silverlight apps as easily as HTML apps. But you don't have to start from scratch to use these languages today; they support using their engines from static Microsoft .NET languages (C# and Visual Basic .NET, for example), enabling you to script your existing applications and use libraries written in other languages. Adding scripting to your web applications lets you get things done, like writing ASP.NET MVC views in embedded Ruby (ERb), or testing you web applications; a low-risk way to introduce dynamic languages to the rest of your team, and make writing tests fun too! Lastly, we discuss the roadmap and state of these languages.







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