Implementing OData: How to Create a Feed for That

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Data has become a first-class element of the web. The Open Data Protocol (OData) applies web technologies such as HTTP, AtomPub and JSON to enable a wide range of data sources to be exposed on the web in a simple, secure and interoperable way. Whether you have a simple collection of reference data, are building a Rich Internet Application using WCF RIA Services or are building the data platform for a high-end website, this code-heavy session walks through the key technologies and practices available to expose your data and its associated logic as an OData feed. This session covers the basics and quickly progresses to the nuts and bolts of the available OData frameworks. Once your data is available as an OData feed it can be consumed by any of the available OData libraries/tools for Microsoft .NET, Silverlight, AJAX, Java, PHP and Excel.







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