Silverlight Boot Camp

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Note: this session was a pre-conference Bootcamp and was not recorded. Video will not be published for this session.

In this half-day workshop of demos with a few slides tagged on ;-) we’ll take a tour around the landscape of Silverlight applications. We’ll dig into the core platform capabilities, the tooling and we’ll dive into some of the patterns and frameworks that you’ll work with in getting data in and out of your Silverlight applications and onto the screen. We’ll demonstrate how to solve real problems using the core Silverlight features as well as the latest features in Silverlight 5, to get you ready for the upcoming week at MIX11! What we expect of you is that you have a basic awareness around .NET and Silverlight. What you can expect from us is a half-day bringing you up to speed on the essentials of building applications with Silverlight.







The Discussion

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    Alejandra Oran

    I attended and can't access the link to the slides. Would you please let me know when they are available.
    The session was good, lots of good material. Very clear and lots of good tips. Can't wait to try what I learned.

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    Jarek Machaj

    Hi, was it recorded ?

    I would like to see this session offline.



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    Jonathan Perl

    It would be very useful if this session were posted if at all possible.


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    I have not attended the live session, but I am very eager to hear from those two experts.

    Please, make this session available asap.


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    is there a recording? thanks guys

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    There is no recoding for this boot camp?

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    They said in the session that the boot camps would not be available online.. they did display a link on one of the slides to some content which was to be available to attendees after the conference (that link does not yet seem to be live)

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    I want free bootcamp videos


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    In fact, during the session, they joked there's no need to worry because they're not being recorded. And indeed there were no cameras I could see.

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    Why is there a link to this page from MSDN UK Flash Martin's MIX11 Round Up and nothing here?

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    Next year and at future events where Boot Camps are done, maybe you could record it and then offer it for purchase for $49 or $99 per session. Again, just a thought. MS makes money, the crowd that went to the boot camp does not feel cheated, and a more detailed level of training is available to developers and designers.

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