Analyzing and Improving Windows Phone Application Performance

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Been wondering how to tweak that extra bit of performance out of your WP7 app? Come learn how to analyze the performance of your Windows Phone application and make it faster using top techniques and the new profiling tools.









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The Discussion

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    Susan Todd

    After you see Jeff's presentation, come and run your own apps against the new profiling tools.  We'll have the tools set up in Palm A for 3 drop-in times:
    Wed. April 13, 4-6pmThurs. April 14, 9-10:45amThurs. April 14, 3-4pm

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    While waiting for Jeff's presentation you might want to check out the only other WP7 profiler around, the one from EQATEC. It works with both Silverlight and XNA and can profile apps on both the emulator and real phones.

    In the latest NZ MSDN Flash from April 2011, John-Daniel Trask from Mindscape said this: "We have put countless hours into profiling and improving the performance of the controls in our Phone Elements suite so, when you're ready to profile your application to find places to improve performance, I strongly recommend the free profiler from Eqatec."

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    Jeff Wilcox

    Note: although the abstract is not completely up-to-date, Vibhor A. is giving a talk on tooling including the profiler.

    This talk no longer includes the new profiler as a result!

    Target is folks who want to better understand where complexity comes in apps, and tips and tricks for how things work, with a few solutions along the way.

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    $v = New-Object -TypeName Version -ArgumentList "7.5.0"

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    Good info here.

    See How many files are too many files for isolated storage? for details if planning to store a significant number of files in isolated storage, mentioned as something to watch out for before Q&A in this talk.

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    Where can I read more about how you put the PerformanceProgressBar in the PhoneApplicationFrame?

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