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There’s tremendous excitement and enthusiasm around mobile application development, and with good reason; recent studies show that > 35% of cell phone users in the US use mobile apps daily. The opportunities are enormous, but how do you stand out amongst all the competition? Windows Phone provides several distinctive characteristics (like our trial API) that developers can leverage in order to build applications that stand out and provide unique and compelling experiences.









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The Discussion

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    Looks like an interesting session - looking forward to downloading and maybe picking up some tips for a chapter I am putting together on 'Marketing wp7 apps' for Mike Ormond's forthcoming free Kindle book.

    It would be great to get your feedback:  (I'm doing each section as a blog post at the moment)



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    Hopefully we will get some anoucment on WP7 Advertisments for the non US Markets, and in XNA Games. Currently advertising on WP7 seems to be localised to US only, so not much to inspire us developers in Europe.

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    @Jules: Worth checking out what Google and some of the other third party ad SDKs have to offer for us NON US developers: (Advertising SDKs)

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    Nice talk. Some interesting stats and good to see developer reach expanding so far through the world in the first year. Good to see Beta is on track and that you've snuck in private distribution while you're at it. These are big wins.

    For those looking for the answer to time based trials asked at 1:02:55, when Todd looked to the audience for info on that it was confirmed by Jaime Rodriguez that using a server is still the only way to track time based trials (uninstall wipes iso store). Since a mic wasn't used to repeat this it didn't make the recording. Thanks @ailon for getting that info out after my tweet for the benefit of those watching online.

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    Slides are corrupted and cannot be opened. Could the webmaster check this out? Thanks.

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