What’s New for Windows Phone Development with Silverlight?

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    Some great details revealed here which have been pain points for devs. Thanks to the team for listening. Nice talk, thanks Shawn.

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    7.1 Socket class do server stuff, like listen, accept, howbout bind?

    How to:
    Set connect and recv timeouts for ConnectAsync and ReceiveAsync, resp.?


    0900 turnout:
    Your MIX effort will carry on in video.

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    @ROY BEAN: No, none of the server stuff is there (such as listen, accept, bind).  Also there isn't a property for the the timeouts, you'll have to create a timer and check the Connected property yourself.  Sounds like a space for some solid extension methods.

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    No server possible. SL being a client thing, any hope for this is pointless I come to realize. (Bury one project.) Anyway, waitfor() on timeouts, good to go.

    Saw one mix presentation where the TCP port used was in the SL4 4530-something range. I can't imagine why this was used in the demo unless it was code the presenter was using in SL4 socket class and just copied as-was. I will find an open window if this port-range restriction from SL4 is carried to SL on phone. (A first-floor window.)

    Hope the MSS (video) support really exists in 7.mango. And gets documented.

    So I read mango is bumped to 7.5. I saw a screenshot of the profiler targetting 7.1. Maybe 7.5 is the bug-free .next. Funny how so many demos get unexpected GPF or whatever in normal presentation. Less so than last year's (esp. the xaml/designer view).

    Impression is profiler only works on a phone device. XDEmulator won't do?

    Looks good overall. B+. You might think it's gotta be an A but 7.0 is a Dee. My opinion. Good at what it has, yes, but it doesn't have enough (7.0).

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    Dear Shawn,
    Can you please provide the code for your Windows Phone 7 demo.

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