What’s New for Windows Phone Development with Silverlight?

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The Silverlight team focused on building a runtime environment and set of class libraries that was specifically tailored for Windows Phone. In the next version of Windows Phone, they have taken the lessons of the past year, and substantially improved the framework and runtime from top to bottom. In this session we’ll give you the low down on what you’ll see later this year, and how to prepare for it now.









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The Discussion

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    Some great details revealed here which have been pain points for devs. Thanks to the team for listening. Nice talk, thanks Shawn.

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    7.1 Socket class do server stuff, like listen, accept, howbout bind?

    How to:
    Set connect and recv timeouts for ConnectAsync and ReceiveAsync, resp.?


    0900 turnout:
    Your MIX effort will carry on in video.

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    @ROY BEAN: No, none of the server stuff is there (such as listen, accept, bind).  Also there isn't a property for the the timeouts, you'll have to create a timer and check the Connected property yourself.  Sounds like a space for some solid extension methods.

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    No server possible. SL being a client thing, any hope for this is pointless I come to realize. (Bury one project.) Anyway, waitfor() on timeouts, good to go.

    Saw one mix presentation where the TCP port used was in the SL4 4530-something range. I can't imagine why this was used in the demo unless it was code the presenter was using in SL4 socket class and just copied as-was. I will find an open window if this port-range restriction from SL4 is carried to SL on phone. (A first-floor window.)

    Hope the MSS (video) support really exists in 7.mango. And gets documented.

    So I read mango is bumped to 7.5. I saw a screenshot of the profiler targetting 7.1. Maybe 7.5 is the bug-free .next. Funny how so many demos get unexpected GPF or whatever in normal presentation. Less so than last year's (esp. the xaml/designer view).

    Impression is profiler only works on a phone device. XDEmulator won't do?

    Looks good overall. B+. You might think it's gotta be an A but 7.0 is a Dee. My opinion. Good at what it has, yes, but it doesn't have enough (7.0).

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    Dear Shawn,
    Can you please provide the code for your Windows Phone 7 demo.

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